Looks Like Love.

Sorry but how is Valentine’s Day suddenly less than 2 weeks away?! The realisation hit hard when Beckie King and Rhian Tarling came to Kuji Shop to install our latest window display. Fittingly, all based on that old devil called LOVE.

Drawing inspiration from Shakespeare, crafts and origami, they’ve done a LOVEly job. See what we did there? Yes, expect puns.
Love window display

giant glittery heart
As well as text, they’ve glittered up a giant heart that sits nicely in the middle of the display, surrounded by paper planes… Look closely to spot the flying messages. Gives a whole different meaning to the phrase ‘love letters’!

Paper planes love messageIf you’re thinking that those flying planes just aren’t enough – don’t fret! There’s also wonderful origami pink hearts, all different shapes and sizes floating around too.pink origami heartsorigami pink heartsIn the window we’ve got an AMAZING Lomography Sprocket Rocket camera, in bright yellow! You can get them on our website HERE in other colours, and read about why they’re so amazing too.

artist window displayWe have also got loads of SALE items in there, including DECE hats, scarves, gloves and warm, snuggly socks and slippers by Urban Knits that all have 50% knocked off. Excellent for these FREEZING temps!

We’re also loving the little paper roses scattered about, again they’re all hand-made!
paper rosesWhat do you think? Do you LIKE it? Do you LOVE it?! Let us know in the comments. You can also find out more about the lovely Beckie and Rhian on their blogs: http://beckieking.tumblr.com/http://rhiantarling.tumblr.com/ – they’re great.

You can see the rest of the photos over on our FACEBOOK page – let us know what you think there too.

If that wasn’t enough to get you in the mood for Valentine’s then head to our shop or online at KujiShop.co.uk for LOADS of gift ideas – plenty of which are now in the sale, super!


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