Label Focus: Cambridge Satchel Company – Jazzpad Takeover!

Hello! I’m Claire and I write Jazzpad. I’m a Sheffield-based blogger who actually lives just down the road from Kuji Shop; it’s one of my favourite haunts so I’m delighted to be doing a feature for you guys about one of my favourite products they sell – the beautiful Cambridge Satchels.

There’s been a lot of twitter talk about these beauties lately, so I thought that I’d spread the love a little further by writing about them. Every time I pop into Kuji Shop I’m immediately drawn to these Cambridge Satchel Company beauties in all of their dazzling colours. They’re just aching to be stroked, a beautiful sight to behold, that’s for sure. I especially like the ones with backpack straps, they hark back to school days when you’re bag would be filled with a recorder, reading folder and an unbelievable number of smelly gel pens. Oh yes. You remember those days too?

Well now you’re older, a little bit wiser, and your hobbies have moved on from wind instruments to lomography. But you can still dream of looking DAMN COOL on the way to work/uni/your still life art class (for the true coolcats, of course).

This is a selection of my favourites of the whole collection that the company manufactures. The lemon yellow and metallic ones definitely tick the Spring trend but for me the go-to classics are definitely the way forward. The black and green classics, both at Kuji Shop, are understated enough to wear everyday, but are still lovely enough to make you feel lucky you own one. Srsly, if I was lucky enough to own one *cough birthday soon cough* I’d dote on it every day. So if you’re put off by the higher than average price, just bear in mind that these satchels aren’t in the ‘fast-fashion’ category; they’re incredibly well-made so if you look after them they could last a lifetime.

What are your favourite designs?

Photography sources – top two, my own, via Kuji shop / bottom four, via Cambridge Satchel Company. Thankyou Kuji Shop for letting me guest blog for you all, if you like what you see please come and say hi over at my blog, or tweet me @jazz_pad



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