Just Another Mannequin Monday… Natasha Lyons Takeover!

Another Monday another mannequin another takeover!

This week is the turn of Fashion Stylist to the stars (and our Mandy) Natasha Lyons. Natasha has worked for a plethora of Sheffield mags and photographers, including Exposed Mag, Toast and Shaun Bloodworth. As well as working as a full time stylist for music groups and bands – busy girl!

Now that’s all well and good – but could she handle dressing our Mandy… What do you think?

Natasha Lyons Kuji Shop Mannequin Style 1

Natasha’s gone for a look with a definite punk edge – leather, black, skulls, spikes – the works!

Starting off with that killer Skull t-shirt by our label TeeBag Designs, it’s oversized with a low scooped neckline (hidden by the top hat!) but Natasha has tucked it in to create a waist.

Natasha Lyons Kuji Shop Mannequin 2 - TeeBag Designs Skull t-shirt

Here at Kuji Shop we reckon you can never have too many skulls – an attitude clearly shared by Natasha as she’s added this excellent Galibardy skull and spike necklace. We have more Galibardy jewellery over at kujishop.co.uk.

The Skull t-shirt is tucked into a (popular) Supremebeing cusp skirt, of course in black ๐Ÿ˜‰ย The skirt is great because it has a ribbed waistband (adding length) and a soft-touch underskirt. It’s made from a washed faux leather and it’s now on sale. Could this get any better?! No.

Natasha Lyons Kuji Shop Mannequin - supremebeing cusp skirt, black

On the skirt you may have noticed a subtle bit of bling – it’s actually another piece of jewellery by Galibardy that is worn (conventionally) around the ear. Natasha has mixed it up a bit by dressing it like a pin. We think the pattern detail compliments the cardigan’s knitted pattern really well. Clever!

Natasha Lyons Kuji Shop mannequin styling - black knitted cardigan

The cardigan is by Pretty Vacant and has been added to warm up the outfit, but it’s also in-keeping with the rock/bling theme – check out those shiny buttons! Blingtastic. They also go well with the metal necklace, black and white t-shirt and the gun-metal popper fastening on the skirt.

Finishing off the look Natasha has added a hand-made, leather skull handbag. These are exclusive to us here at Kuji Shop and only available in the shop! They’re nice and simple, with a subtle finish so can really be worn with most outfits, plus they’re not too big so handy for a night out.

Natasha Lyons Kuji Shop mannequin styling - leather skull bagย Natasha Lyons Kuji Shop mannequin styling - leather skull bag 1
So what do you think? Totally grunge/rock with a little twist of bling – we think it’s awesome! Also, the top hat is a stroke of genius, but unfortunately for you it’s not for sale ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Don’t forget to subscribe and if there’s a certain something you love about this style – share it! We want to know what you think too, would you have done something differently? Would you rock this look on a night out? If you’re feeling Natasha’s work follow her on Twitter and take a look at her site, it’s a goodun.

Check back next week for more (hooray) from Natasha… One for the lads.


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2 Responses to Just Another Mannequin Monday… Natasha Lyons Takeover!

  1. Solipsism Dreams says:

    that black leather skirt belongs in my wardrobe ๐Ÿ™‚


    Loretta xx

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