Just Another Mannequin Monday… Natasha Lyons Takeover!

Yes, yes, again! We loved last weeks takeover so much we asked if she’d do one for the boys. A blog that is 😉

So Natasha Lyons, kind lady that she is, has dressed our Mike and we reckon he’s looking rather splendid, don’t you?

Natasha Lyons styling male mannequin Kuji Shop

Natasha has kept it fairly simple, but still sticking with that punk feel. Black and blue = rock and roll, clearly. That awesome shirt is by Asobi Fashion, and is only available here at Kuji Shop. It’s a chalk blue colour and has that wicked short collar and double panelled front. Also, it’s hand-made, so no two are exactly the same.

Natasha has just buttoned up the top button to reveal that Blood is the New Black NYC tee underneath, but fastened up it looks like this:

Asobi Fashion mens panelled blue short collar shirt

Sick! The shirt rocks in at £65, but we think it’s worth every penny: Subtle details, the finest fabric and as we’ve said, hand-made mean this little beauty is a killer.

But being punk rock doesn’t have to be pricey! Oh no, all our Blood is the New Black t-shirts are now on sale at just £10 each. Yes, ten English pounds. We’re really limited on sizing now though so grab yours in the shop or HERE before they’re gone. The NYC tee that Natasha has picked is this one:

Blood is the New Black NYC black t-shirt on SALE at Kuji Shop

And you can wear it up (under a shirt) or just on it’s own with a pair of jeans. Maybe just when you’re inside though because it’s still freezing out… HURRY UP SPRING.

Our Mike’s also rocking another Kuji Shop exclusive – that Crow & Dunnage canvas bag is another beauty that can only be picked up in the shop or online HERE.

Crow & Dunnage canvas rucksack white Kuji Shop exclusive

The canvas rucksacks are unisex and we have other excellent colours too, which is your favourite? We’re a bit obsessed with the orange one.
blue canvas rucksack unisex crow dunnagepink canvas rucksack unisex crow dunnage

brown canvas rucksack unisex crow dunnagegreen canvas rucksack unisex crow dunnageorange canvas rucksack unisex crow dunnage

Around Mike’s neck you may have noticed a shiny, heavy, metal necklace, it’s a Pipe Necklace from Brutal Jewellery (new label alert) and the full range is available in the shop, and online soon! For more info on Brutal Jewellery check out the facebook page.

To top off (see what we did there?) the grunge-esque look Natasha has put a DECE hat, black obvs, on Mike. DECE are an amazing charitable company that do loads of good – aside from making people look good. Read about them here.

So there we go! Looking like he’s just landed from the LES in New York, our Mike is firmly back in Sheffield. What do you think? Feeling the colours? Like the hat? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re a fashionista type and would like a go at dressing one of our mannequins just email us, it’s easy 🙂


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