Just Another Mannequin Monday…

Here to cure your Monday blues (and bring some lovely style advice to boot) is our Mandy ready for Spring! A ray of sun has finally fallen through our shop window and that can only mean one thing… HELLO BLUE SKIES.

Are we tempting fate? Probably.

Kuji Shop mannequin dressed in Supremebeing Spring overcoat, TeeBag Designs wide neck t-shirt and Lomography

First impressions? It may be sunny but we can still rock the grunge look and be on trend with vibrant pastel colours, without being a Barbie. That striped black, lightweight jacket is actually a Supremebeing Bop Dress – but we’ve unbuttoned it and shown how it can be worn over other layers to add height. We’ve tied the slimline belt at the waist for a bit of shape.

The generous fit shirt “dress” has oversized panelling, draped collar and short kimono sleeves. It’s also got some handy side seam welt pockets and accent colour, centre front buttons. Here’s what it looks like as a dress:

Supremebeing Bop Tempo Shirt Dress or lightweight jacket

Nice! How would you wear it? As a shirt dress? As an overcoat? Or both?! So versatile 😉

TeeBag Designs feminine domination by Jamie Crewe wide neck t-shirt

Under the jacket/dress Mandy’s wearing a plain tank top (not really visible, but necessary for the chilly weather) and a TeeBag Designs wide neck, “batwing” style tunic t-shirt. The print is “Feminine Domination” by Jamie Crewe and it’s a killer. Go to TeeBagDesigns.co.uk to see what they’re up to – it’s all good! You can shop for TeeBag Designs garms HERE but this specific style is only available in the shop at the moment, it will be online soon!

Have you spotted a theme going on with this outfit yet? “Batwing” and the print on the t-shirt were the first clues… Now check out that necklace. Got it..? Flight! The aeroplane necklace is by Relativity and can be picked up at Kuji Shop too.

Lomography Diana Mini en rose camera in pink

In keeping with the bright, pastel colours that are on trend this season, we’ve added a nice, bright accessory to the outift. This Lomography Diana Mini camera is the En Rose edition, and it’s bright pink! Though we’re not into too much pink here at Kuji Shop, this little accessory is cool and brightens up the whole look. As well as accentuating the bottle green/teal pleated skirt Mandy is wearing.

Pick a camera up HERE and dive into the world of Lomography – you’ll never look back. 

Bottle green pleated high waisted midi skirt

Finishing off the look we’ve got Mandy wearing a pleated, bottle green/teal midi skirt. It’s light and bright, perfect for the new season and can be dressed up with platform sandals or punked out with a pair of Dr Martens/ankle boots. It’s a hip skimmer too so will pinch in at the waist for a lovely shape. Pick one up in the shop but make it sharpish – they’re a best seller!

What do you think of Mandy’s outfit this week? Which is your favourite piece? Are you coveting that pink Diana Mini as much as we are? Let us know in the comments, and if you like what you see – share it with your mates. We’re all over free advertising.


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