Label Focus: DIRTYFACE vs KUJI SHOP *exclusive*

Not content on bringing you any old ‘graphic’ tees, we’ve teamed up with super/cult/underground/totally sound t-shirt label Dirtyface.

If you haven’t heard of Dirtyface before, we’ll forgive you (just this once). They’re a t-shirt label founded in the UK in 2007. They are a global brand that creates limited edition apparel in collaboration with many of the world’s most talented artists and designers. So if you haven’t heard of the label, chances are you’ll have heard of at least one of the artists they’ve worked with, it’s an impressive list:
Mr Gauky
Drew Millward
Mr Silvester 
Theory One
The Hyspanic Gentleman
Mr Penfold
No Dice Studio
Kid Acne 

…Just to name a few.

dirtyface t-shirts

The Dirtyface range represents an underground movement of artists, generating a unique brand that exudes creativity and originality.

So with that in mind, we came up with a plan. An excellent plan, to bring you yet more awesome artwork, superb quality t-shirts and another Kuji Shop exclusive.

The result is this killer design by The Hyspanic Gentleman:
The Hyspanic Gentleman t-shirt design

dirty face vs kuji shop by the hyspanic gentlemandirty face vs kuji shop by the hyspanic gentleman

dirty face vs kuji shop by the hyspanic gentlemandirty face vs kuji shop by the hyspanic gentleman

Awesome or what? Produced in collaboration with Dirtyface and Kuji Shop, the t-shirt is available in four colour ways: white, green, sky blue and grey. They’re only available here.

You gotta get some of that special sauce.

These are available while stocks last and there will be no reprints… Get on it!



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