Label Focus: Crow & Dunnage

We’re taking a look at one of our best selling independent labels here at Kuji Shop – Crow and Dunnage.

Crow and Dunnage is a screen printing company hailing from Sheffield. They print clothing, prints and accessories for other labels/brands but they also have their own range of amazing t-shirts often with illustrations and designs made by themselves, though collaborations are also on the cards.

Crow & Dunnage at Kuji ShopCrow & Dunnage at Kuji ShopCrow & Dunnage at Kuji ShopCrow & Dunnage at Kuji Shop

Crow and Dunnage pride themselves on the quality of their printing – everything is done by hand and the dyes they use are all from natural sources. The t-shirts they print on are no exception to this high quality standard either:

– All t-shirts are 100% Organic cotton with 90% Reduced CO2 Footprint
– Certified “Fair Wear”

Ethical production and sourcing of products is important to us so the Crow & Dunnage label is one we are happy to have here at Kuji Shop!

crow & Dunnage stamp

The latest line of t-shirts by Crow and Dunnage are now live at and this range is in on par with their (already quite extensive) catalogue of amazing illustrations and designs.

crow and dunnage re/blue birds designcrow and dunnage bulldog designcrow and dunnage acid goat designcrow and dunnage herne the hunter design

The collection comprises intricate illustrations, detailed graphic drawings and fantastical creatures… What more could you want on a t-shirt? Designs come from L.G.Harborne, Boneface and Andrew Thomson (Sector 4 Illustration) to name a few.

crow and dunnage "wasn't that fun" t-shirtcrow and dunnage "doberman" tshirt

Each design has a very limited run of just 25, so once these are gone – they’re gone. You can see the full range here at

What do you think of the designs? We reckon each one is a work of art in itself and we’re struggling to pick a favourite!



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  1. Shady Company O-O says:

    Crow and Dunnage is really impressive.

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