Just Another Mannequin Monday…

It’s been a few weeks since our last ‘Mannequin Monday’ post, and it seems we’ve timed it perfectly with the weather. Coincidence that the sun comes out the day we post? We think not.

We’ve got a really simple outfit today: Summery-easy to wear-great for dressing up or down-take to the beach over your bikini styleeee.


We probably should have called this Monochrome Monday really – we’ve gone grey. Never a bad thing though! This strapless, box pleated ‘Coast’ dress in broad ‘Roller Grey’ stripes is a beauty for the Summer.

It is by Supremebeing and has a double-knotted natural cord belt which brings in the waist, adding a lovely shape thanks to the full length pleats.


The magic of this dress comes from the concealed elastication around the waist as it sits naturally on the smallest part of your waist, creating a natural hourglass figure. Sweet!

We think this is perfect for wearing over your bikini on the beach, or even smarten it up at night with some heels or (in holiday mode) sandals or wedges. For night time, a simple cardigan or blazer would look mega fine.

Mandy’s wearing the Coast Dress with a simple ‘Pipe Necklace’ from Brutal Jewellery. We’ve stuck with the monochrome colour scheme, as this little gem comes in a vintage silver plated finish. Like we said, this is a really easy outfit, just fling on some statement jewellery (of which we have a lot, here) and you’re away!



What do you think? Like, LOVE? Let us know in the comments!


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2 Responses to Just Another Mannequin Monday…

  1. mel. says:

    This is super cute and it looks really comfortable. Love from me!

    Mel. x


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