Label Focus: Unit Portables

Always on the look out for something quirky and unique here at Kuji Shop, we’re excited to introduce Unit Portables.

unit portables bags at Kuji Shop

They’re bags, but not just any bags… They’re more of a system really: Bags, pouches, holders and buttons that clip, hold and structure all your worldly possessions and gadgets in a really smart way. Each bag is like the perfect protective pouch that shields your most treasured belongings from the harsh and, frankly dangerous, outside world. (We like dramatic effect ok?)

No but really, they’re ideal for storing expensive and important bits and pieces, and enjoy being on the move as much as you.

We have two styles here at Kuji Shop – first is Unit 01, a laptop bag that is as reliable as it is cool.
unit portables blue laptop bag

It’s a beautiful looking computer bag with a sewn in, padded laptop sleeve (can fit either 13″ or 15″ laptops) and has a typically Scandinavian minimal design. The clever built in handle lets you carry the bag by hand or over your shoulder too.

The back of the bag has a handy slip pocket for all your top secret documents too. They’ve really thought of everything!

The Unit 01 bag comes with two extra little space savers: Unit 02/03 allows you to carry even more gadgetry wherever you’re off to. These are removable so attach them if you want, leave them off if you can’t be bothered or just have one if you’re feeling *crazy*.

They can be attached to the inside or outside of Unit 01 so you can even mix and match.
unit portables unit 02 03 pouches

They’re tough polyester pouches with zips and are designed to carry your cables, phone, wallet or any other accessories you might have, and they help you stay organised. Or at least help you look organised (which is the most important thing).

The second style we have is the wonderful Unit 04, an iPad/tablet computer case that is simply a must-have if you’re a gadget geek like us.
unit portables black ipad case 04

It is a protective, padded sleeve specifically designed and built for an iPad or tablet. It is designed like a stylish ‘Mini-Me’ of Unit 01 and also features the built in handle for even more portability. This little beauty can be attached to the inside or outside of Unit 01, or just have it on it’s own because it looks so excellent. These are selling for just £25 so snap them up.

Shop for your Unit Portables bag right here and get it filled with all your gadgets ASAP!

Unit Portables most important “raison d’être”, as the French people put it, is to fill the gap between boring computer bags and snobbish fashion notebook bags. The beautiful thing however, is that Unit Portables fills both functional needs, as well as being really good looking! If that wasn’t enough to convince you just watch this video, then tell us you’re not impressed. We’ll know you’re lying though.

What do you think of Unit Portables? Love the design? Blown away by the colours? Suitably impressed with their functionality? Let us know in the comments.



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