Canhoto Art

If you know us at Kuji Shop already, you’ll know that we love to bring you unique, exclusive and frankly, wonderful things. And if you don’t know us – well, that’s what we do. So keep reading.

As usual we’ve been scouring the country for the freshest, most interesting and alternative stuff we could find, and this time… We found something good. Something very very good indeed.


Beautiful yes? Lurking in the murky underworld that is ‘illustration’, CANHOTO is an artist/illustrator with an impressive catalogue under his belt.

From depicting gritty scenes from the North West (Salford/Manchester) to drawing inspiration from the brutal Yakuza, he creates beautifully delicate and seemingly fragile pieces of art.


Using multiple layers of colour, texture and hand drawn illustrations, Canhoto builds up etherial yet bold pieces that have a strangely tactile finish. The detailing is insane! We think these awesome prints will work wonders on your wall (see what we did there? Little Manchester reference for you) and are more interesting than most…


We’re lucky to be selling Canhoto’s prints to you because he’s in demand! Being commissioned for a number of big projects in the past and working away on various projects as this is being typed.

Each piece of his work is exclusive to us and on a limited print run, so you can be sure you’re buying a nice little bit of individuality. Prints come on a heavy set cartridge paper too, not too flimsy for Kuji 😉 If you know someone who’s into their art/illustration these would make the perfect gift. Or even just a gift to yourself for being so damn cool?

We keep changing our mind about our favourite piece, so we’re asking you – which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

You can see the full range and shop for prints on the Kuji Shop website, here.



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