Label Focus: Hannah Hodge

We have a new handmade women’s range in at Kuji Shop, by emerging fashion designer Hannah Hodge.

Hannah Hodge handmade fashion






Hannah Hodge is a young fashion designer who has been successfully designing and making clothing for special events and parties. Hannah now launches a ready to wear collection exclusively available at Kuji Shop.

Hannah offers a unique, handmade quality product that provides the customer with an item which will last beyond a single season. Hannah is based in Warrington but has been selling bespoke clothing and her own designs through vintage and fashion fairs in Manchester and Liverpool for the last year.

We had a chat with Hannah to talk more about her collection, her inspiration and her goals for the future…

How long have you been designing and making clothing?
I started designing and making clothes when I was 14, I was teaching myself so it didn’t occur to me that you could buy patterns so I just made my own, forcing me to be creative. After finishing my As Levels I started a full time construction based course in Liverpool. I was lucky enough to get work experience with a Bridal designer which all helped improve the quality of what I was doing. It was around this time that I started my business.

What inspires your designs?
I’m definitely a product of my environment, I take a lot of inspiration from what’s around me… I’m inspired by the history of fashion and tailoring in Britain, especially Saville Row, I think it’s a shame we’re losing some of these skills. I never really got into Disney, instead I grew up with period dramas and 80’s films, oh and of course, the classic screen icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Katherine Hepburn.

What’s your USP?
I hope I produce quality investment pieces that people will enjoy wearing. Everything is handmade and I only put out limited runs so everyone gets something that’s a little individual. Every design is completely original and designed to be worn and enjoyed not just look pretty in a picture.

How would you describe your style and your designs?
Saville Row is one of my main influences so it’s not surprising that some of my designs reflect that aesthetic, although I think a lot of my style and design is rooted in traditionally feminine silhouettes. I spend so much of my time watching films I’ve started to picture my clothes worn against a backdrop, I find my colour choices reflect the imagery in my head.

Who are your favourite designers?
My favourite designer is Erdem, I think his sense of colour and silhouette are unique and exciting. I  love Christopher Bailey and what he’s done with Burberry, and in my opinion Oswald Boateng can’t be bettered for silhouette and tailoring.

Why have you chosen to be stocked at Kuji Shop?
I think the growth in online shopping is exciting and I was happy get the opportunity to be part of it. I chose Kuji Shop because it’s a site that supports, and has given a platform to, new brands. I like that it’s a company that encourages local designers too.

What’s next for you?
I simply want to keep designing, produce a wider range of clothes and see them made available to a larger audience. Obviously it would be amazing if an increase in production lead to the creation of jobs.

What are your aims for the future?
When factories like Burberry or Laura Ashley closed down, hundreds of jobs were lost, which meant that many skilled seamstresses were left unemployed. I think it’s a shame that these skills are being wasted and that whole communities have been affected by this. Seeing these effects first hand has meant that, for me, its not just about being a designer, but also contributing to the revival of the skilled manufacturing industry in this country. I love the idea of offering creative jobs in an industry that we were once famous for.


handmade women's check shirthandmade women's floral shirthandmade rainbow skirt



Each Hannah Hodge piece is completely handmade, offering each customer a truly unique garment. This limited edition collection will be followed up in the Autumn with a fuller collection of dresses, shirts and skirts.

Hannah is committed to creating a brand that offers a quality product at affordable prices manufactured in Britain. What do you think of the pieces? Are you inspired by Hannah’s drive and collection? Let us know in the comments!




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