A Collection of Handmade Things…

Here at Kuji Shop we’ve been championing all things handmade for a while now, stocking the likes of clothes, jewellery, bags and accessories that have all been drawn, dyed, cut, stitched, pinned and finished by hand.

Our aim is to bring you something unique, something limited and something that is top quality. It’s another option that is in contrast to ‘fast’ or ‘throw away’ fashion you can often see on the high street.

With that in mind we’ve brought you a few fine things; a collection of products that have been handmade (usually here in the UK too!) with care, attention to detail and using the best materials. We think one of the best things about handmade items is that they’re totally unique – no two are ever the same because there’s no factory precision, and this is a very good thing. The quality of a handmade item is often unmatched, read on to see our pick of the best…

Handmade Clothing: We have lot’s of handmade clothes for you at Kuji Shop, but we’ve just picked a few of our faves to tempt you – have a good look at our site for the full collection…

– This Body-X Dress by CARLY ELLIS is truly one of a kind: The finishing is exquisite, and where else will you find a waffle jersey that is inlayed with luxurious, butter soft, goat leather? Of course it has all been dyed by hand too in this stunning deep purple hue.
Carly Ellis Body-X Handmade Dress

– Our newest designer at Kuji Shop is HANNAH HODGE, her whole range is handmade here in the UK using British materials. We love this tie-dye ‘Rainbow’ skirt which is right on trend. The colours are amazing, what do you think?
Handmade tie-dye rainbow skirt

– Another handmade womenswear range we have in is by ASOBI FASHION, an emerging designer based in the UK too, using bright, airy colours to make easy to wear pieces that are instantly elegant. This lemon pleated maxi dress is a favourite.
handmade yellow maxi dress

– We don’t just have women’s clothing that is handmade though – we’ve got a great range of t-shirts in by CROW & DUNNAGE, an emerging British who source only the finest t-shirts to print on. This MACES tee has been screen printed by hand, and of course the print is hand-drawn too.
handmade t-shirts by Crow & Dunnage

Handmade Accessories: From handmade bags to purses, clutch cases, tote bags and handmade jewellery – we’ve got the lot. See some of our faves here though: 

– One of our most popular brands, the CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL COMPANY, you might be surprised to read, makes all of their beautiful satchels by hand. Right from selecting the best quality leather to dying and cutting – everything is done by hand with traditional craftsmanship. Our favourite is this fluorescent orange bag, but we have a full range on our site.
Handmade Cambridge Satchel bags
– These cute leather clutch cases by TIBOR LEATHER are also made completely by hand. The excellent quality metal flint lock is perfectly matched against the fine leather.

Handmade black leather clutch case

– Our collection of tote bags by BELLA CRAFT have proven to be very popular, and it’s easy to see why. The cool designs in black and gold are all drawn by hand and it was hard to pick a favourite, we’ve settled for this gold Candy Skull design though – amazing right?
Gold Candy skull design, handmade tote

– We have a great handmade range by BRUTAL JEWELLERY with pieces all based on brutalist architecture. We love the simple lines, clean form and strong statements these pieces make. This pyramid necklace is our favourite at the moment!
Handmade pyramid necklace by Brutal Jewellery

So there you have it! Our round up of our super collection of handmade clothing, bags and jewellery. What do you think? Do you like to buy handmade items? Where’s your favourite place to get handmade pieces? Let us know in the comments!  


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2 Responses to A Collection of Handmade Things…

  1. ronyshapira says:

    beautiful items! especially the lemon maxi dress, it looks perfect for summer!


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