MUSIC: Introducing… Glass Lip by Aches

As we continue to provide fresh, emerging labels, underground brands and independent designers, we are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our range into MUSIC.

Music by Aches now at Kuji Shop

Yep, for the first time ever online, you can buy music from Expect the same attention to detail we give to the rest of our products. Expect top quality. Expect indie labels, emerging talent, you-heard-it-here-first type of stuff.

To kick things off we’re introducing GLASS LIP, the first full length album by Aches on the indie label Exitab.

Glass Lip is the debut album by Aches, beautifully presented on this white 12″ vinyl and exclusively available in the UK here at Kuji Shop!

Aches is the musical project of British-born, now Slovakia-based artist Jonny Fox. After carving out parallel paths in live art and electronic music while living in Sheffield, London and Devon, Fox located to Bratislava… This is where Aches emerged, forged in the excitement and trepidation of a new country.

About the music:
Erudite programming joins with clouds of guitar and vocals referencing both the magisterial chorus of Cocteau Twins and more formless varieties of shoegaze. Melodies are agitated into strange shapes by beats which hum, click and snap at them. Voices murmur through the musical haze, subtly manipulated into uncanny territories, emotions ebb and swell unexpectedly.

Glass Lip vinyl record by Aches Glass Lip album on vinyl record by Aches at Kuji Shop

Glass Lip is Aches’ third release with Slovakian independant record label Exitab.

The release is on a limited edition 150g, white vinyl, high quality matte printed sleeve with detailed illustrations from the artist. It also includes immediate download of the full album, which is EXCELLENT! We love it, and sure you will too.



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