Label Focus: Illustrated Sport

We’re very happy to be selling stunning new illustrated works by Illustrated Sport, so thought we’d do a little blog post to share the love.

Illustrated sport artwork

Illustrated Sport is the alias of Sheffield based Freelance Graphic Artist Emma Presland.

Emma makes work that encompasses influences from music, film and French magazines from times gone by, she explores simplistic generalisations about gender roles, attributes and differences. Emma works using pencils, scissors and an imac, saying:

“I am fascinated by difficult things, which has led me on an often frustrating journey of discovery, ranging from learning to hand code HTML, CSS andedit PHP, to studying Japanese as an adult and taking on the oboe as a child, when the clarinet would clearly have sufficed.

I never succeeded in making any music with my oboe that sounded like the duck in Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, but I did manage to do many things with code. And although I no longer offer web design as a commercial service, I indulge in creative coding using an Arduino and Pure Data whenever I have the time.”

Since graduating with a Fine Art BA in 2006, Emma has worked with individuals, businesses and agencies as a designer, an illustrator and a coder. She currently works out of a roomy studio at Creative Arts Development Space (CADS) in Sheffield.

We’re lucky enough to have three exclusive prints by Illustrated Sport, which are new works – designed just for us!

The Agile Women - Illustrated Print at Kuji Shop
The Agile Woman print - closeup

“The agile woman is one to be reckoned with. She conquers women in her path with ease, often whilst they are sleeping.”

La Femme Agile (The Agile Woman) is a beautiful collage featuring text, graphic paper, women, block colours and shapes.

La Femme Au Foyer - The Housewife Print
The Housewife Print - closeup

“The upholstered housewife. On trend and obedient, she waits.”

La Femme Au Foyer (The Housewife) is a busier, more energetic print that is made up of strong colours, text, outlines of features and traditional ‘house’ imagery.

Black Metal illustrated print at Kuji Shop
Black Metal illustrated print - closeup

“Black metal music rings out across the valley, beneath the snowy mountains. The widow fondly forgets her beau.”

Black Metal is another print that has a more illustrative feel, featuring drawing, text, collage and has an overall form of a heart… Beautiful!

We’re really struggling to pick a favourite piece here – what do you think? We reckon they will look great as a triptych, and are ideal gifts at just £20. Bargain. Let us know which is your favourite in the comments! 



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