Animal Accessories for Autumn!

We’ve had a lot of new products in at Kuji Shop recently, but we love these furry animal hoods so much we think they deserve a post of their own. We’re sure you’ll agree.

Animal Hoods at Kuji Shop

Animal hoods have been all the rage this Summer, sprouting up at festivals across the country, and now they continue to be a fun, on trend accessory throughout Autumn and into Winter. These great unisex hoods are in the spirit of Kuji Shop’s quirky products, no?

The new range is all handmade and only made from faux fur (of course) and reclaimed materials. The furry hoods come in three unique styles:

Arctic Fox Animal Hood
Beige Arctic Fox Animal Hood in Faux Fur

The Arctic Fox animal hood is a beautiful beige and cream colour and is handmade (they’re all handmade!) so is totally unique.
Lined with reclaimed material in a vintage floral pattern Animal hood with ears!

The lining in this is made from reclaimed material and has a classic vintage floral pattern. The quality of the finishing and production is second to none and they even have ears!

Bear Animal Hood
Faux Fur Bear animal hood

The Bear animal hood comes in a luxurious deep chocolate colour and is lined with this reclaimed jazz pattern fabric. Snazzy!

Luxious chocolate coloured faux fur Bear Hood  Handmade faux fur Bear Hood detail

Finally we have the *brilliant* City Fox animal hood
City Fox faux fur animal hood

Made from a beautiful foxy red colour, this furry little hood even has ears that matches a fox! The lining is reclaimed ‘picnic’ blue pattern and suits the hood perfectly.

Fox animal hood with ears Fox animal hood with ears!

Each hood has a high quality wooden toggle at the bottom, so you can wrap it nice and tightly around your head when it starts getting windy!

These will be a great, fun addition to any Autumn/Winter wardrobe and since they come in one free size, it will fit all! We suggest wearing whilst drinking hot chocolate for maximum enjoyment. Have a look at our site to see the whole animal hood collection.

Which is your favourite furry hood? Do you love how ethical they are? Let us know in the comments! We love to hear your thoughts.



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