Label Focus: CW3 Studio

If you’ve been following the Kuji Shop Facebook and Twitter pages you’ll have seen that we launched a new range of men’s tees not too long ago, as part of our new collections for Autumn/Winter.

The t-shirts come from a design studio based in Sheffield called CW3 which is, in their own words, a collective of designers and makers.

CW3 Design studio t-shirts

They make all kinds of cool, design-led products including prints, t-shirts, furniture, shelves and bike racks! From this collection we picked some great tees and prints and think they’re spot on (and our customers do too – these have been very popular since they landed!):

CW3 Knot print teeTile V2 PrintTile t-shirtTransform PrintBoost print teeTransform print white

Easy to see why they’ve been so popular isn’t it. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re interested in how the mind of a graphic designer works, you’re in luck! We caught up with Matt Willox from CW3 to chat about his work and what inspires him, have a read:

How long have you been designing?
I guess all my life – building legos as a kid counts as designing! I would say I got into design proper when we did it for GCSEs, my interest grew from there.


Where have you studied/worked?
I went to SHU (Sheffield Hallam University) and studied product design. I work there now as a product designer for Design Futures. Other jobs include supermarkets and kitchens, nothing grand.

How would you describe your style?
Geometric, abstract, technical. Lots of 45 degree lines and parallelograms! A bit of an analogue/digital mix.

What/who influences your work?
Design and art of all sorts! Calligraphy, typography, architecture, fashion, etc. it all plays a part.

How do you get inspiration for your work?
Google! Nah, it’s anything! I might see an interesting pattern in some brickwork when i’m walking along, or a nice scarf someone is wearing – could be anything.
Doodling around with a calligraphy pen has lead to a lot of my recent work.

Why have you chosen to sell your work at Kuji Shop?
I bought some Lomo cameras from there a while back and thought it was a cool shop!
They have been great in promoting the work and generally being awesome. I’m really grateful.

Well Matt, you’re very welcome! We love Matt’s work and ideas. Particularly enjoying this Geometree Tee too – it’s all about the puns.

Geometree Print T-shirt

If you’re interested in CW3 and what they’re up to, be sure to check out their site. Also, have a look at the full collection of pieces available at Kuji Shop; we’ve got both limited edition prints (signed and numbered) and t-shirts.

We’re big fans of the Sheffield scene here at Kuji Shop, so think these designs suit us perfectly. Inspired by geometry, rhythm and music, the linear quality of each piece holds a perfect balance of colour and space. Geometric and aztec print t-shirts are on trend at the moment, and will be throughout AW12, so stay up to date and get yourself one of these top tees.

We’ll be working with CW3 in the near future on a very special project, so make sure you sign up to the Kuji Shop newsletter to be the first to know.



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