The Very British… Brit-Stitch Leather Bags

We’re big on British. Simply put, if it’s made/manufactured/designed/produced or all of the above in Britain – we’ll probably love it.

Brit-Stitch leather bags

Which is why we’re absolutely loving our new collection of genuine leather bags, by indie brand BRIT-STITCH. As the name suggests, Brit-Stitch design and make cute leather bags here in England. Inspired by the classic cash bag traditionally used by Milk Men across the country, Brit-Stitch have reinvented the quirky leather companion and come up with the perfect modern companion. In keeping with tradition, only the finest materials are used, and all bags are finished by hand. A touch of craftsmanship goes a long way…

Available in two sizes, the Brit-Stitch bag is the ideal size and weight for any modern follower of fashion. The first style, the insta-classic ‘Milkman’ (shown here in Skydiver Blue and Poppy Red) has already been a huge hit over at Kuji HQ:

Brit-Stitch Milkman bag, Skydiver BlueBrit-Stitch Milkman Bag, Poppy Red

With it’s handy magnetic buckle and adjustable strap, the Milkman bag’s unusual shape and ideal size make it a right treat. All the stitching is finished to the highest possible quality, and smart chrome attachments really set off the colours.

Check out our range of Brit-Stitch Milkman bag colours!

The second available style is the uber cute (and very necessary) ‘Half Pint’ bag:

Brit Stitch half pint bag in jade

Shown here in a beautiful Grayed Jade colour, the Brit-Stitch Half Pint bag has the same distinctive features as the Milkman style, but on a more compact scale. Perfect for nights out, a quick trip to the shop or a morning at Uni or work, this is definitely a bag for life.

The Milkman bag is also available in an array of fresh SS13 colours, keeping you bang on trend: Poppy Red, Purple Heart and Emerald Green are all looking great!

Brit Stitch Half Pint Poppy Red Bag Brit Stitch Half Pint Purple bag Brit Stitch Emerald Green Half Pint bag


Have a look at the full range of Brit-Stitch bags, we know you’ll fall in love with them just like we did! Brit-Stitch don’t compromise on quality (as you can probably tell from the craftsmanship) and they have bags of soul, tradition and style.



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