Amy Lawrence’s Knitted Jewellery Designs at Kuji Shop!

As part of our Pop-Up Shop, Kuji are proud to present Amy Lawrence’s special Knitted Jewellery Designs. We absolutely adore her statement pieces… take a look here!


Thistle Knitted Necklace available from Kuji for £120!

Amy Lawrence is a textile designer who specialises in knitted jewellery which is made in her own home with her own specialist knitting machine. Every piece is finished by hand to ensure that each necklace is of the highest quality and will last for years to come. Using only the best and most luxurious yarns, Amy’s necklaces are unique, expertly imagined and lovingly created. Having had her work bought by big names such as Julien McDonald, John Varvatos and Calvin Klein, we are extremely pleased to be able to offer you the chance to buy one of her necklaces through Kuji Shop!


Mako Knitted Knecklace available at Kuji for £85!

We love Amy Lawrence’s distinctive style; her pieces are so striking and unusual, and yet comfortable to wear. Donning a knitted necklace is oh so fitting to the seasons; it is beautifully appropriate to swap the cold metal chains and pendant necklaces for a knitted design to help keep you warm this winter.

They are versatile garments though; the bright colours and floral influences are just as suitable for spring and summer wardrobes. Taking inspiration from science, nature and traditional cultures, Amy’s knitted necklaces are a strong and enduring asset to any woman’s jewellery collection.


Chevron Crown Knitted Necklace available for £85!

We love her necklaces! There are more of Amy Lawrence’s fantastic Knitted Jewellery Designs available at Kuji Shop!



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