The Perks of Owning a Mutewatch

Mutewatch, a new Swedish breed of digital watches, is a time management tool like no other. In today’s uber busy society where people are always juggling a million different things, Mutewatch offers an unique solution. With a silent vibrating alarm on the wristband, the idea is that you can wear the watch when you go to sleep in full confidence that you will be woken at your chosen time, without having to disturb anyone else in earshot of an intruding wake-up call. Although we acknowledge that this alone is a huge reason to own a Mutewatch, as it overrides a common problem, the Mutewatch is a valuable asset for oh so many more reasons.Image

Being a functional piece of jewellery, the Mutewatch has a retro feel, whilst also having futuristically sophisticated technology. Available in many vibrant colours such as Poppy Red, Nova Purple, Ivy Green and more grown-up shades like Charcoal Grey and Black, the Mutewatch can complement any personality type or image.

The Scandanavian design is beautifully minimal and crisp, leaving all the fancy business to the technology, making it a versatile accessory to go with any outfit. With motion sensors working their magic, the watch comes alive with a simple tap or flick of the wrist. Being a touch-screen gadget, you can swipe between different essential functions such as the Timer (which is abbreviated to ‘TIMR’, appropriately), Clock and Alarm (‘ALRM’) which are displayed clearly on the LED lit screen.


The 24 hour digital clock can be set to give off five different alert alarms at any time during your day, meaning you are free to get on with the task at hand, trusting your Mutewatch to silently and privately remind you when it’s time to make that phone call. Set the alarms to go off with long or short vibrations, in varying intensities, but also rest assured that Mutewatch’s motion sensors will automatically re-adjust the vibration strength if it detects that you are physically exerting yourself, or sleeping, for example. The light sensors will adjust the display strength and will ensure that you won’t be blinded by the LED display whilst sleeping, and that you can still read the time when you’re out and about in bright daylight. Clearly, the Mutewatch is designed for day-to-day, task-to-task use.


The slick wristband is distinctive from other mainstream watch brands; the rubber strap is adjustable to fit any size, using the stainless steel buckle, and is easy to clean. This is a watch to be proud of and take good care of though; being a delicate material, be careful not to scratch it. Having said that, Mutewatch is robust enough to be taken 100m deep into water!


The Mutewatch would make a fantastic Christmas present for any gadget lover this year. It’s USB charger can be plugged into any USB port, and just beautifully emphasises its link with smartphones and other sophisticated devices all the more. It saves energy by entering a hibernation mode when it detects it is not in use… the Mutewatch is a clever little fella! Have a look at our selection of Mutewatches at Kuji Shop!



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