Kuji Shop Goes POP…


So you might’ve heard that we’ve got a Pop-Up Shop and that we’re selling some great stuff from some beautifully original designers… but you still want to know more? That’s good, because we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our Pop-Up Shop so you’ll be completely and utterly in the know.


You: What is the Pop-Up Shop?

Us: The Pop-Up Shop is a space for independent designers and brands that have collections which are either very limited in production, exclusive to us or one of a kind. The Pop-Up Shop is a fixture, but the designers within the shop may come and go… so if you like the pieces on there, don’t hesitate to buy them or your chance may soon pass! It is also a really great way for individualists to access rare fashion pieces that help you stick out from the crowd and achieve a unique style.


You: Is it a real place that I can visit?

Us: Nope! It is all in the virtual world of the website. Visit it by clicking the tab at the top left of the homepage.


You: I’m an emerging designer, can I put my work on the Pop-Up Shop?

Us: All you have to do is email sales@kujishop.co.uk with visuals of your designs and products, some information on you as a designer and a CV… we’ll see what we can do for you. The Pop-Up Shop is an invaluable platform to showcase your work. We’re looking for independent fashion designers with an edge, but also new brands with innovative and exciting products worth shouting about. 

Maria Soromenho

You: What designers have you got on there at the moment?

Us: We’ve got Brit-Stitch and Carly Ellis (see their pieces by clicking on the images above), Amy Lawrence, Luluyetha Clothing, Mutewatch, URB and Maria Soromenho at the moment!

We hope that answered your questions… if you still have something to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Twitter: @kujishop
Facebook: facebook.com/KujiShop


About kujishop.co.uk

Independent retailer, bringing you exclusive fashion, gifts and art. Shop for unique products and quirky style at http://kujishop.co.uk
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