Victoria Scandale: Our Very Latest Designer

 “Quality” “Elegant” “Strong” “Fearless” “Original” “Collectable”

These are but some of the buzz-phrases circulating about the newest designer to join Kuji Shop‘s Pop-Up Shop: Victoria Scandale.


The Shop is soon to see a selection of Scandale’s AW13/14 dresses; a myriad of chic and classic yet striking and high-end pieces. Scandale is a young, up-and-coming, USA dwelling fashion designer whose collection is influenced by Eastern Europe and France, and led by a philosophy of female independence, quality and individualism.

Aiming for a clientele of chic dressers, and those collecting original and unique styles, Victoria Scandale’s collection is full of eye-catching shapes, sultry cut-outs, translucent draping materials and rouches. It is an ensemble of high quality, refined materials, decisive cuts, geometric lines, linear forms and intersecting shapes that are sure to add that element of iconography to your image.




Keep your eyes peeled for Victoria Scandale’s pieces at Kuji Shop!



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