Victoria Scandale: Our Very Latest Designer

 “Quality” “Elegant” “Strong” “Fearless” “Original” “Collectable”

These are but some of the buzz-phrases circulating about the newest designer to join Kuji Shop‘s Pop-Up Shop: Victoria Scandale.


The Shop is soon to see a selection of Scandale’s AW13/14 dresses; a myriad of chic and classic yet striking and high-end pieces. Scandale is a young, up-and-coming, USA dwelling fashion designer whose collection is influenced by Eastern Europe and France, and led by a philosophy of female independence, quality and individualism.

Aiming for a clientele of chic dressers, and those collecting original and unique styles, Victoria Scandale’s collection is full of eye-catching shapes, sultry cut-outs, translucent draping materials and rouches. It is an ensemble of high quality, refined materials, decisive cuts, geometric lines, linear forms and intersecting shapes that are sure to add that element of iconography to your image.




Keep your eyes peeled for Victoria Scandale’s pieces at Kuji Shop!

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Gifts for People Who Have EVERYTHING!

We have some gift ideas for those who are notoriously difficult to buy for.

It’s Christmas time, and that means one thing: Christmas Shopping. Most of the time this can be an enjoyable activity where you can run riot around the shops, nabbing bits and pieces for your friends and family. BUT! We all know someone who makes the feat utterly stressful… The person that already has everything. Do not fear! We want to make the task of sourcing brilliant, original and rare gifts that bit easier, and have selected a few pieces from Kuji Shop to help inspire you.


We have a super range of artwork that we think your friends would be proud to hang on their wall.

secret garden

Luiza Holub’s Secret Garden Print is a lovely piece encapsulating the youthful inquisitiveness of the imagination.

We particularly love the Luiza Holub Secret Garden Print, a quaint and imaginative piece that would instil some youthful curiosity into your home. For only £10, we think this is a bargain!

Next on our list of goodies is the Suck UK Sharpener Desk Tidy. The perfect gift for a studious or artistic friend, and is only £12.99!

The Suck UK Sharpener Desk Tidy is but one of the original gift ideas for the home that we have in store@

The Suck UK Sharpener Desk Tidy is but one of the original gift ideas for the home that we have in store@

For those fashionable types that have every brand and fashion trend in their wardrobe, we have a great selection of graphic T-Shirts that are truly original at Kuji Shop. Check out the BURGER T-Shirt which has been discounted (from £22) to £16.50!

We've got a large selection of Graphic T-Shirts that are hard to find anywhere else.

     We’ve got a large selection of Graphic T-Shirts that are hard to find anywhere else.

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[Interview] Womenswear Designer Maria Soromenho

Getting to Know Maria Soromenho

Maria Soromenho

Maria Soromenho, one of the latest designers to join the Kuji Shop, is truly one to watch. Producing experimental handmade garments influenced by music and art, each with their own story to tell, and a collection to dream of, Maria’s elegent yet edgy designs would make a truly unique and eye-catching addition to your wardrobe. Not only are her designs incredible, this up-and-coming artiste is fluent in four languages, has worked assisting with the styling of Alicia Keys  during Paris Fashion Week (wow… I know, right), and has travelled around the world studying with many impressive designers… it’s no wonder we had an awful lot that we were bursting to ask her! 

Before you start, why not listen to ‘I’ll be your Mirror’ – The Velvet Underground, Maria’s Soundtrack of choice.

How would you describe yourself as a designer?

I’m really not able to describe myself as a designer at all and I hope I never will as I believe that by labelling myself I’m possibly closing doors to creativity and new experiences, I guess.

Could you describe your capsule collection at the Kuji Shop in 3 words?

Experimental – Hopefully – Wearable

Maria Soromenho womenswear desginer Maria Soromenho womenswear Maria Soromenho womenswear

What is the usual process for creating one of your pieces?

I always research a lot. Even though ideas always come quite naturally I always allow myself time to research new themes in order to learn and possibly discover and come up with new ideas… then I always do loads of textile experimentations. Only after that do I think of silhouettes..But I am still quite rubbish with shape, something I truly need to develop !

Could you describe two of your pieces for us?

maria2‘The Fairest of the Seasons’ Dress – I just love how it fits! 

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams’ Top – It pretty much is the beginning of all the experiments I want to do using fashion as my medium. It has a lot of unexpected materials including cinnamon. An aim to explore the 5 human senses through clothing. 

Who would you describe as your style icons? 

I’m crazy about music so normally all my style icons are somehow music related. I’ve been ridiculously inspired by Anita Pallenberg and my favourite singer Nico. Also, Kate Moss. 

You initially studied stage design… how does fashion compare to it? 

I always wanted to do something in fashion but when the time came to decide what to do in Uni I was going through this very “aiming to be intellectual” teenage phase and wanted to try and do something else. I love the theatre and it made sense. Was a great time and I hope I’ll work as a scenographer one day. I am not too sure how it affects my designs… Maybe my [experience in stage design influences my] process as I always feel the need to create and tell a story or have a strong concept.


 How would you describe your experience of studying and interning in so many places around the world?

I wish I knew what to say exactly.. I hope all the travels, living in different countries and speaking different languages influence my designs in a good way. I believe that subconsciously they influence me. My favourite internship was in Paris at Les Arts Décoratifs: musée de la mode et du textil… I learned a lot everyday and met Hussein Chalayan. Not sure it shows in my designs but it definitely had a strong impact in my life

If you had the chance to meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Brian Jones. Everything about him intrigues me. I just wish I could still meet him.

I think we can all agree that Maria Soromenho is a breath of fresh air. Not only in terms of her designs, but in her attitude and outlook on life. Maria, we applaud you, and are utterly thrilled to have you on board at the Kuji Shop!

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Kuji Shop Goes POP…


So you might’ve heard that we’ve got a Pop-Up Shop and that we’re selling some great stuff from some beautifully original designers… but you still want to know more? That’s good, because we’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our Pop-Up Shop so you’ll be completely and utterly in the know.


You: What is the Pop-Up Shop?

Us: The Pop-Up Shop is a space for independent designers and brands that have collections which are either very limited in production, exclusive to us or one of a kind. The Pop-Up Shop is a fixture, but the designers within the shop may come and go… so if you like the pieces on there, don’t hesitate to buy them or your chance may soon pass! It is also a really great way for individualists to access rare fashion pieces that help you stick out from the crowd and achieve a unique style.


You: Is it a real place that I can visit?

Us: Nope! It is all in the virtual world of the website. Visit it by clicking the tab at the top left of the homepage.


You: I’m an emerging designer, can I put my work on the Pop-Up Shop?

Us: All you have to do is email with visuals of your designs and products, some information on you as a designer and a CV… we’ll see what we can do for you. The Pop-Up Shop is an invaluable platform to showcase your work. We’re looking for independent fashion designers with an edge, but also new brands with innovative and exciting products worth shouting about. 

Maria Soromenho

You: What designers have you got on there at the moment?

Us: We’ve got Brit-Stitch and Carly Ellis (see their pieces by clicking on the images above), Amy Lawrence, Luluyetha Clothing, Mutewatch, URB and Maria Soromenho at the moment!

We hope that answered your questions… if you still have something to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Twitter: @kujishop

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The Perks of Owning a Mutewatch

Mutewatch, a new Swedish breed of digital watches, is a time management tool like no other. In today’s uber busy society where people are always juggling a million different things, Mutewatch offers an unique solution. With a silent vibrating alarm on the wristband, the idea is that you can wear the watch when you go to sleep in full confidence that you will be woken at your chosen time, without having to disturb anyone else in earshot of an intruding wake-up call. Although we acknowledge that this alone is a huge reason to own a Mutewatch, as it overrides a common problem, the Mutewatch is a valuable asset for oh so many more reasons.Image

Being a functional piece of jewellery, the Mutewatch has a retro feel, whilst also having futuristically sophisticated technology. Available in many vibrant colours such as Poppy Red, Nova Purple, Ivy Green and more grown-up shades like Charcoal Grey and Black, the Mutewatch can complement any personality type or image.

The Scandanavian design is beautifully minimal and crisp, leaving all the fancy business to the technology, making it a versatile accessory to go with any outfit. With motion sensors working their magic, the watch comes alive with a simple tap or flick of the wrist. Being a touch-screen gadget, you can swipe between different essential functions such as the Timer (which is abbreviated to ‘TIMR’, appropriately), Clock and Alarm (‘ALRM’) which are displayed clearly on the LED lit screen.


The 24 hour digital clock can be set to give off five different alert alarms at any time during your day, meaning you are free to get on with the task at hand, trusting your Mutewatch to silently and privately remind you when it’s time to make that phone call. Set the alarms to go off with long or short vibrations, in varying intensities, but also rest assured that Mutewatch’s motion sensors will automatically re-adjust the vibration strength if it detects that you are physically exerting yourself, or sleeping, for example. The light sensors will adjust the display strength and will ensure that you won’t be blinded by the LED display whilst sleeping, and that you can still read the time when you’re out and about in bright daylight. Clearly, the Mutewatch is designed for day-to-day, task-to-task use.


The slick wristband is distinctive from other mainstream watch brands; the rubber strap is adjustable to fit any size, using the stainless steel buckle, and is easy to clean. This is a watch to be proud of and take good care of though; being a delicate material, be careful not to scratch it. Having said that, Mutewatch is robust enough to be taken 100m deep into water!


The Mutewatch would make a fantastic Christmas present for any gadget lover this year. It’s USB charger can be plugged into any USB port, and just beautifully emphasises its link with smartphones and other sophisticated devices all the more. It saves energy by entering a hibernation mode when it detects it is not in use… the Mutewatch is a clever little fella! Have a look at our selection of Mutewatches at Kuji Shop!

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The Musings of an Aspiring Jewellery Designer

Kate Garvey, a 22 year old Manchester-bred Jewellery and Accessories student based in London, reveals an insider’s perspective of Amy Lawrence‘s work and the pieces we have in store at the Kuji Shop! Ever wondered what it’s like to be an aspiring Jewellery Designer? Find out more here…


A selection of Kate Garvey's earring designs!

A selection of Kate Garvey’s earring designs!

So, straight up, what do you think of Amy Lawrence’s knitted designs?
I first came across her work when researching for my own project whilst studying. I was looking for an impressive contemporary jewellery maker that used textile techniques in a tasteful and unique way. Straight away I thought her work stood out from the crowd and did this really well! I would say Lawrence’s work is distinctive and different. I love her use of colour, geometric shapes & symmetry to create beautiful patterns within her work. This makes her pieces timeless… You could wear them over and over again!


Which would be your favourite necklace to wear over and over again?
It’s hard to choose… but I’d say my favourite piece is the Asp Knitted Necklace as it suits my own personal style! I love the colours used – I think they sit really well together and the Wine colour is really in season at the moment. As a fellow geometric shape lover, the pattern she has created for this particular piece is right up my street. I also love the fact she has displayed neck pieces in all different lengths and sizes… Some may not suit particular necklines and I think it is really good that she has produced a big variation. When when you take into account the cost of materials and the time it takes to produce pieces to this quality, I’d naturally expect to pay a little more for these original necklaces.


Amy Lawrence's Asp Knitted Necklace is available from Kuji Shop at £90!

Amy Lawrence’s Asp Knitted Necklace is available from Kuji Shop at £90!

When might you wear one of her pieces?
Well, one of the best things about Lawrence’s work is that her pieces are so striking, yet so simple- it makes them so wearable! You could wear it during the day for work, uni or shopping etc., but then you could wear it on a night out or for an evening event.


What do you think of her production methods?
I think it is really exciting that she uses a knitting machine to produce the textile element of her jewellery. I’d never heard of that process being used within jewellery making before so it opened my eyes to what can actually be done if you experiment and try new techniques outside of your comfort zone! 


Would you say that she has inspired or influenced your own work then?
Yes! I’d love to have the chance to meet her to ask more about the technique she uses, what her inspirations are and what it is like setting up your own business! I’d love to be successful in my own business and create pieces as unique and different as she has. Very inspirational! Lawrence loves pattern and textiles, as I do, and to incorporate that into jewellery in a modern way is really difficult. She has managed to do this in such a creative and unique way though, and this is something I am currently trying to do myself. Her work is all about the use of shape and colour which are also fundamental elements to my own work. 


How would you describe your own work as an aspiring jewellery designer?
Even after developing my work over the last four years as a student I still find it a bit hard to describe my own work! Having said that though, working with print designer Lisa Stannard last year really helped me narrow down my direction. She introduced me to the wonderful world of graphics and digital print! I’m aiming for my work to push the boundaries between print and jewellery. I want to create wearable fashion jewellery and accessories for the every day lady. My work will show my love for pattern and colour – just like Lawrence’s work actually!


Great! We’ll look forward to when your work is released! Do you have any last comments?
I think Kuji Shop is an amazing resource for showcasing independent designers work when it can be quite tricky to have access to it sometimes. Kuji Shop makes it a lot easier and also gives emerging designers the chance to show some of their work. It’s safe to say that there are loads of pieces I want to buy from Kuji Shop!


Thanks to Kate Garvey for the interview! Click here to see our range of Amy Lawrence’s Knitted Jewellery.

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Amy Lawrence’s Knitted Jewellery Designs at Kuji Shop!

As part of our Pop-Up Shop, Kuji are proud to present Amy Lawrence’s special Knitted Jewellery Designs. We absolutely adore her statement pieces… take a look here!


Thistle Knitted Necklace available from Kuji for £120!

Amy Lawrence is a textile designer who specialises in knitted jewellery which is made in her own home with her own specialist knitting machine. Every piece is finished by hand to ensure that each necklace is of the highest quality and will last for years to come. Using only the best and most luxurious yarns, Amy’s necklaces are unique, expertly imagined and lovingly created. Having had her work bought by big names such as Julien McDonald, John Varvatos and Calvin Klein, we are extremely pleased to be able to offer you the chance to buy one of her necklaces through Kuji Shop!


Mako Knitted Knecklace available at Kuji for £85!

We love Amy Lawrence’s distinctive style; her pieces are so striking and unusual, and yet comfortable to wear. Donning a knitted necklace is oh so fitting to the seasons; it is beautifully appropriate to swap the cold metal chains and pendant necklaces for a knitted design to help keep you warm this winter.

They are versatile garments though; the bright colours and floral influences are just as suitable for spring and summer wardrobes. Taking inspiration from science, nature and traditional cultures, Amy’s knitted necklaces are a strong and enduring asset to any woman’s jewellery collection.


Chevron Crown Knitted Necklace available for £85!

We love her necklaces! There are more of Amy Lawrence’s fantastic Knitted Jewellery Designs available at Kuji Shop!

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